The Art of Packet Crafting with Scapy

Workshop overview

  • This is an intense workshop on crafting packets using Python and Scapy.
  • We’ll understand low level networking details/abstractions like raw Sockets and move towards using high level tools like Scapy to craft packets.
  • We’ll understand Scapy framework and craft packets using it.
  • We’ll leverage Scapy as a framework to build custom network tools/utilities.

Concepts covered

  • Practical network reconnaissance techniques like host discovery, service discovery, Remote OS finger printing, promiscuous node detection using Scapy.
  • Launching Layer 2 attacks.
  • Leverage Scapy to build custom tools/utilities such as sniffers, pcap analyzer, wireless sniffers and scanners.

Skill prerequisites

  • Basics of Python programming. (strings, lists, functions, list comprehensions etc)
  • Knowledge of basic networking concepts. (Enough to know what an IP address, port number, OSI model etc.)
  • Comfortable with basic operations on your host operating system.(copying files, using text editor)

Technical prerequisites

  • Laptop with administrator access (mandatory).
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM and 15 GB free hard disk space (More the better).
  • Preferably running Linux as primary OS but Windows/Mac is permissible.
  • Preferably, your own Internet connectivity.


  • Standard library
    • sys, pprint.
  • Third party modules
    • scapy, netaddr, inetfaces.